London: Police entered the Rampart on 28th October

  London: Police entered the Rampart on 28th October

28th October 2008, London, Whitechapel:

the police unexpectedly intruded the rampART social centre in their lunchtime. they must have been starving, because they felt like breaking the doors. we wonder if it was appetite, that made them force their way in, or curiosity, to see the progress of our efforts to barricade the rampART. still, we art not amused of officers on the scrounge…

… although we are generally open for people to come by to wine and dine with us, but we’d like to invite people to knock on the doors, rather than knocking them down. and we don’t support gluttony of greedy developpers, groping houses to convert them to luxury flats, because they want to bite more than they can chew…

… as you might know, the rampART is under threat of immanent eviction, so these three coppers might have been the vanguard of the 80 riot cops that are expected to come by with the high court bailiffs to evict the space. so we are thinking how many people we will have to cater for breakfast. needless to say, we’d prefer to pamper our friends and supporters. so feel welcome to join the feast & fight the beast and defend your favourite social centre…


Rampart newsletter 28th October 2008

A small number of police broke down the front door and entered the Rampart today. They searched people for drugs and photographed them as well as the barricades and the building itself. They explained their actions saying that it is because the area is a high-risk drugs area. This is unfortunately true of the street but we are concerned that this may be related to our eviction as well. They entered the Rampart without a warrant and then left after they had photographed. This was NOT an eviction attempt.

Difficult right now to say what it means in relation to an eviction, but on the side of caution, we are asking people to come to the Rampart tonight (Tues 28th) to stay over to defend the building and help with barricades for what might be an early morning eviction. We will also need people to assist outside if the time comes so send us your mobile number to be informed. There will be a hearty breakfast for the brave.


29th October 2008

Some pretty heavy barricades were put up last night, and a number of people stayed over night. More people are needed though – the Police can come any night, so there needs to be enough people in there every night.

It’s your social centre – come and help it out !

Source: Indy London

Lugano (CH): Dem Morgen von 25. Oktober wird ein neuer okupa zu Lugano gestiegen

  Lugano (CH): Dem Morgen von 25. Oktober wird ein neuer okupa zu Lugano gestiegen

SelvaSquat in Lugano

Dem Morgen von 25. Oktober wird ein neuer okupa zu Lugano gestiegen.

Wir haben entschieden, diesen Platz vom Betrachtunggebäude zu entfernen, um zu gehen verließen es vom Handel des mattone. In einem Alter, in dem das Elend und die Armut sie verbreitet, um Punkt zu ölen, wir hat entschieden vom Geben von einem Antwort risoluta der Stirn zu dieser Situation. Wir glauben, daß die Dringlichkeit, zum eines neuen Punktes des Hinweises zu verursachen, bewerkstelligt damit wer ist, intenzionato sie zu ihnen dynamisches Sozial mit dem Glauben nah an unseren gegenüberstellt. Innerhalb einer Gesellschaft, die es von der incessant produktiven Zunahme und von den phrenetic Rhythmen des Jobs bilden möchte, ein ragion des Seins zu besitzen, stimmen wir nicht überein, legend zu uns in ein total neues optisches.

Wir glauben, daß eine Welt andere der mögliche laddove Wille ist von, wem wünscht, daß es prorompente und propositiva ist. Die Besetzung eines Platz sfitto ist der Ausgangspunkt für, wem ernsthaft entschieden wird, um zum Selbst-management zu üben und die horizontalen und sofortigen Verhältnisse konstruiert. Sofortige horizontals, weil eine Kollektivteilnahme notwendig ist und weil sie direkt ohne Vermittlungen aber Kontakt mit Leuten geschehen.

Waldanarchische Hocke

P.s. Viel vermutlich morgen früh oder an den nächsten Tagen ist zu uns könnte die besetzte Evakuierung vom beständigen und bittet um um die Anwesenheit, seit diesem Abend, von, wem das dispost* ist, zum dieses neuen freigegebenen Raumes zu verteidigen.

Selva Squat, via Tesserete, Lugano-Massagno


More news about Milada

  More news about Milada

Milada squatter’s announcement about the events of 16.10.08 To clarify all disinformation that emerged in the media and within our “sympathysants”, we decided to summarize the event ourselves.

So: around 9am arrives several clerks from the city hall office and ÚIV (office for information and education – owner of the land the officially non-existent Milada is standing on), accompanied by three police cars. After a while a waste-container truck arrives and hired workers start to clean the area around the Building: we are told that city hall called upon the land owner to clean out “his” parcel because of complaints of neighbours. We point out that we, inhabitants of the House, were not contacted about this matter by anybody. It would be enough to send us an e-mail (our address is displayed at our web-pages, and arrange the date of clean up. There are enough of us to fill the waste container in no time, which, by the way, we have done several times in the past, at our own expense. On top of that, one ÚIV employee’s behaviour was outrageous. After refusing to introduce herself several times, she commanded assisting police officers and forced clean-up company employees to load our personal belongings. Also, chairs and table standing in the garden were treated as a waste by her. A misinformation campaign against Milada in tabloid newspaper Blesk (which tries to portrait us as a group of drug addicts, systematically terrorising neighbours), unusually frequent police visits and another info from various sources led to our risen attention in the last few days, and seeing several police cars in front of the squat, we were afraid an eviction attempt is going on. We published this information, along with a plea for help on our web pages, and sent it to our long-term supporters. In following three hours, about a hundred of our supporters arrived, sadly most of them after the police and white-collars left, so we had to call it a false alarm. Also on site appeared a surprisingly high amount of journalists.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all our friends for their solidarity. We would also like to ask the landowner and the officials to resolve possible future problems directly with us, or at least inform us that any problems occurred. We would thus avoid any further complications.