Brixton 121 Sample Letter


“Dear Sir or Madam,

I write to you with regard to the future of the premises of 121 Railton Road in Brixton. I have been informed of the recent court proceedings to determine the building’s future and now understand that Lambeth Council plans to evict the premises in a very short time.
As you are aware, 121 Railton Road houses the 121 Collective which has been in occupation of the premises for 18 years. Over that time the Collective has utilised the space for innumerable community projects, events and public-access resources, all of these managed, maintained and utilised by a huge local and international contingent of volunteers and visitors. I include myself amongst these, which easily number in the tens of thousands over the 121 Centre’s many colourful years.
The 121 Centre is no doubt a special part of Brixton’s vibrant history. I understand that even at the recent court case the magistrate himself, after reading through documents of the activities and successes of the 121 Centre, commented that the Centre had obviously benefited the community in numerous ways in it’s 18 years. Surely you at Lambeth Council must concede the same.
I am asking you to note my concern and dismay at the decision of Lambeth Council to evict the 121 Centre and to register with you my support for the 121 Collective. The 121 Centre is a valuable community resource for the Lambeth area and should by all means stay that way.
I urge you to find an alternative solution to the closure of the 121 Centre and would like to hear from you about your reasons for evicting the space. You can contact me at:

Yours sincerely,”

You could try a mass mailing by cutiing and pasting the following text in the address space of your e-mail letter (i.e where it says “To”):

“new [dot] labour [at] connect-2 [dot] co [dot] uk, brixchal [at] mplc [dot] co [dot] uk, griffiths [at] lambeth [dot] tory [dot] org [dot] uk, sreed [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, tgoddard [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, jmelrdum [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, jsherrington [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, amckenna [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, kussher [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, mcruickshanks [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, danyanwu [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, ahogan [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, sstevens [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, lboodram [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, sbourne [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, rling [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, an [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, rdoven [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, menglish [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, chenley [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, chewitt [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, mabu-bakr [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, rjarman [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, pmcglone [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, jdickson [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk , poconnell [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, kmchugh [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk , pconnolly [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, ccrooks [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, kcraig [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, rbawden [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, egreen [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, tfranklin [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, tjsmith [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, jbrodie [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, hdavid [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, amelville [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, jkasantsis [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, tsargeant [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, awhite [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, phewitt [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, jminns [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, ncattermole [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, gcurtis [at] lambeth [dot] gov [dot] uk, jwhelan [at] watersinfo [dot] com

or try some of these (esp. the first two e-mail / fax adresses)

Lambeth Council- C/O London Borough of Lambeth, Town Hall, Brixton Hill,
London SW2 1RW.
Tel- 0171 926 1000
Lambeth New Labour.
Fax Number- 0171 926 2844.
(New Labour are the party currently in control of the council and therefore the ones most responsible for attacks on 121. Specify email messages for New Labour- New Lambeth). Brixton Challenge
(The organisation responsible for the increasing gentrification of Brixton) Lambeth Councillors.

Councillor David Griffiths, 35 Abbotswood Rd, SW16 1AJ Telephone & FAX: 0181 769 2600
Councillor Hugh Jones, Room 123, Lambeth Town Hall, SW2 1RW FAX: 0171 926 2845
Cllr Steve Reed 0181 674 8316
Cllr Ty Goddard 0171 207 0580
Cllr Jackie Meldrum 0181 671 5595
Cllr Johanna Sherrington 0171 737 3290
Cllr Alex McKenna 0181 677 6569
Cllr Kitty Ussher 0171 771 0202
Cllr Michael Cruickshanks 0171 926 2123
Cllr Obi Anyanwu
Cllr Ambrose Hogan
Cllr Simon Stevens
Cllr Leslie Boodram
Cllr Steven Bourne
Cllr Ruth Ling
Cllr Martin McEwan
Cllr Roland Doven
Cllr Michael English
Cllr Chris Henley
Cllr Claudette Hewitt
Cllr Mohammed Abu-Bakr
Cllr Richard Jarman
Cllr Paul McGlone
Cllr Jim Dickson
Cllr Peter O’Connell
Cllr Kirsty McHugh
Cllr Paul Connolly
Cllr Colin Crooks
Cllr Kevin Craig
Cllr Rupert Bawden
Cllr Esther Green
Cllr Tom Franklin
Cllr Toren Smith
Cllr Judith Brodie
Cllr Hugh David
Cllr Abigail Melville
Cllr John Kazantzis
Cllr Tim Sargeant
Cllr Alan White
Cllr Paul Hewitt
Cllr Julie Minns
Cllr Nick Cattermole
Cllr Geraldine Curtis
Cllr John & Clare Whelan.

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