Ascii 5 Years

  Ascii 5 Years

5 years of ASCII, that means 5 years free internet access, running totally on open source software and donated hardware.

But it also means 5 years of crazy projects, climbing on roofs to provide wireless access, squatting new locations, setting up media points for activists at antiglobalist gatherings, drinking beer & coffee, giving courses and workshops, trash-hunting for new building materials, writing software, complaining about crustomers, bitching on the mailinglist, meeting wonderful fellow activists from all over, ranting about politics, in short endless hours of fun & frustration 🙂

We will be hosting a week full of workshops. We will shortly have more information up.

And of course show up at the Party, 22nd of May @ Africa


* 14:00 what is open source/free software an introduction into the history and the ideas hiding behind those buzzwords. what are the new perspectives in the digital age? * 17:00 movie: revolutionOS a documentary on the subject of the introduction beforefeaturing some of the main personages of the free software world * 18:30 gca hardware course crash course in computer hardware for absolute beginners. taught by the women of the genderchanger academy, free for anyone who wants to join


* 14:00 linux course for beginners I introduction course in understanding and using linux operating systems beginning with command line operations. * 17:00 wireless networking basic on linux on wifi/wlan networking. which cards to use, which software to install and the basic operations on linux. * 19:00 introduction into cryptography how encryption of data works, how you can use it, and why it is important to use. introduction and presentation of common crypto tools * 20.30-22.00 Independent movie “CH7”, which was brought out under the Creative Commons license. Plus discussion on copyrights. Location to be announced…


* 14:00 linux course for beginners II second installment of the linux course for beginners this time covering network operations and install tasks * 17:00 wireless mesh clouds & community networks a more advanced workshop and presentation on the concept of dsitributed wireless routing networks & wireless community building models


* 15:30 onward GCA embroidery corner tea, home-made cookies and embroidery featuring computer technology motives. * 14:00 muse and freej presentation a presentation of audio software on linux. producing and presenting music content with free software. * 19:00 LAMP webhosting basics on linux LAMP stands for linux + apache + mysql + php. this combination of software comprisee the basis for a webhosting service. an introduction into the underlying concepts & methods


* 14:00 security and privacy online these days governments, corporate dataminers, and malicious individuals like spammers or virus distributers target the online user. this should introduce you to ways how to deal with those circumstances in a proactive and educated way * followed by: open evening @ ascii – 19:00 onward

* SATURDAY 22 * 14:00 cinderella & blender 3D presentation on animation and video editing software on linux. how to use free software platforms for multimedia production